Pauline’s Biography

I am a full-service recruiting consultant with a track record of providing highly qualified full-time employees, managers and executives to various types of industries, including: accounting and finance for CPA firms, business management accounting, marketing and sales for finance and insurance, architects and project management (commercial – both domestically and internationally), administration support and many others.

My experience in the recruiting business goes back 35 years. My career started in the United Kingdom, where I had an opportunity to become one of my company’s leading executives and oversaw multiple offices, handling many different types of personnel in a varied cross section of industries. I moved to USA in 1980 and continued to take on new responsibilities and grow as a professional. Having been exposed to a diversity of businesses, and having placed a wide variety of qualified personnel, I have been fortunate to gain invaluable expertise in astutely pinpointing and understanding my client’s individual needs, covering a plethora of career paths.

Most important is that I meet with my clients, personally, at their office. I do so not only to gain an in-depth, specific understanding of the job requirements, but also to fully absorb and appreciate the culture of the company. This enables me to qualify and “match” the right individual into the right environment.

What makes me stand apart from other recruiters?

I am the one that makes the “difference.” The passion I have in providing quality candidates. My commitment to the job at hand. Listening to my client’s specific needs. Listening to my candidate’s specific needs. Maintaining an open line of communication between the company contact and the candidate.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to serving your organization and developing a long-term relationship.

Mission Statement

At Casbon & Associates, we strive to provide our client firms and our featured candidates with the highest quality service possible.

We add value by following these core principals:

  • Listen carefully to our clients’ needs and goals.
  • Work diligently to “match” the right candidate with the right company environment.
  • Offer exceptional pre-screening and interviewing skills.
  • Conduct our business with unrivaled integrity and attention to detail.

We believe that staffing decisions are among the most critical decisions that any organization will make. Our dedication to exceptional results begins with our passion and drive for the success of your firm and the recruits we represent.